Ahmed Sheeraz – Dubai-based Freelance Creative Director/Motion Graphic Artist

Social Media Portfolio

Creating social media content for different companies is something I do regularly. Especially here in Dubai, clients always push for competitive and engaging content, something more entertaining than the boring still images.

Companies and clients want something which viewers can’t skip easily and there should be a temptation in the post to “win” the click and what could be better than a video animation social media post!

Anyway, there is a reason I separate this section from the rest of my portfolio. Social media is all about creating simple but engaging animations and the main focus here is to deliver the “message” instead of unnecessarily showing your animation muscles.

Also, the turn-around time for creating content is very fast, normally you have to deliver the post the same day or in the next 4 to 5 hours so proving yourself Einstien of animation doesn’t work here 🙂

So that being said, below is a collection of some video animation posts which I did for different clients, companies, and agencies here in Dubai. All the posts are just still images.

If you are looking for a freelance social media expert here in Dubai who can handle your video animation content on a regular basis then I am here to help! and I am just a call away 00971528162140 or my email ahmedsheerazz at gmail.com

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