3D Motiongraphics Shot Progression

This 3d animation project was proposed by one of my clients which would be infact the part of the main film of an event in Abu Dhabi. The client was looking for a hi-tech look and feel with vibrant colors and HUD-style text elements.

That was the only brief given to us and then we have to build a story around it showcasing different elements and locations in a journey style motion graphics animation ending at the final message of the event agenda.

The animation was about 2 minutes long with fly-through camera showcasing various iconic buildings of Abu Dhabi in 3D.

Once the storyboard was finalized and approved from the client, comes the real challenge: developing the real 3D animation.

3D Animation Production

Being the supervisor on the job and considering the deadline (2 weeks), I aligned my resources, developed the 3d software pipeline and planned a time-based delivery schedule. I hired two extra guys to work with me on this project.

In short, we divided the time as one week for creating everything in 3D and second week for rendering and post-production. Shhhh! we have a buffer third week as well 😉

We used Cinema 4D as our main tool and Arnold as the renderer (although recently I have been shifted to RedShift). For rendering we used online renderfarm to get the final renders as quickly as possible so we can start compositing and post-production in After Effects.

Below you can see a short preview of my motiongraphics shot progression

There were some sleepless nights but everything was worth it as we delivered the project successfully and in time.

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