Future Robotics Room Event Video

Basically, the project belongs to one of my friends Robert who is an experienced motion designer and a senior project manager working here in Dubai. He took me on board to complete some of the shots for an event film he was doing for a client in Italy and Saudi Arabia.

We got green screen footage from the client and a brief on what did they want exactly!

This is the Future Robotics Room which I need to finish. The green screen character mimics the movements according to the script and my job was to place the virtual objects inside the scene to compliment his moves. I created the HUD elements for the virtual room and placed them strategically all over the scene so the character should seem “gelled” inside the future robotics room.

Even after adding the HUD elements into the scene, the final composite was looking very flat. The 3D elements were then created in Cinema 4D and added into the scene which really gave a good boost to the overall look-n-feel.

For example, the robot’s head and robot’s hand were placed inside a glass cube in Cinema 4D. The cube then rotated 360 to make a loop and rendered as png sequence. Later the same was composited inside After Effects.

The Robot model in the front was supplied by the client. Although, from the same robot, I re-worked on the 3d mesh and make it Cinema 4d mograph-ready and created some effects to give some life to the overall scene.

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