Future Security Room Event Video

Originally, the project belongs to one of my friends Robert who is also an experienced and a senior project manager working here in Dubai. He took me on board to complete some of the shots for an event film he was doing for a client in Italy and Saudi Arabia.

We got green screen footage from the client and a brief on what did they want exactly!

This is the Future Security Room which I need to finish. The green screen character mimics the movements according to the script and my job was to place the virtual objects inside the scene to compliment his moves. I created the HUD elements for the virtual room and placed them strategically all over the scene so the character should seem “gelled” inside the future security room.

The Haram model was supplied by the client but I have to re-work on it to make it ready for Cinema 4D Mograph. The 3D mesh was re-modeled and then split into parts to make it animate later on.

3D rendering in Cinema 4D was ultra fast as all the renders were wireframe which was accomplished with Sketch and Toon renderer. The black and white wireframe renders were then taken into After Effects for compositing on top of the footage.

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