Metaverse Dubai 3D Animation

How about if you are living in Dubai and looking for a government service to fulfill your need? What you have to do is to wear your virtual reality glasses (HMD) and boom! with your own avatar, you just login into a virtual Dubai called Metaverse Dubai. Here you will see Dubai police, Municipality, banks, and many other departments and companies with real people but having their own avatars.

You can register for a ticket, tell them your problem and things will get sorted in your real life.

Yes! that’s not a story of the future, this is happening in Dubai Live, right Now.

Dubai Metaverse event was all about such services where thousands of corporate entities attended the event to see how they can be part of it.

One of them is Dubai Municipality and I helped them to bring their imagination to life by developing a futuristic 3D animation to showcase their virtual services and future planning.

Metaverse Dubai 3D Animation Video Process

Once the script and storyboard got approved, I worked on some style frames with a futuristic look n feel to get approval on the client.

The entire 3D animation was done using Maxon Cinema 4D and rendered in RedShift.

Events usually have very short and strict deadlines so coup with this, I used an online render farm. Render farms usually complete the job overnight which might take days to render on my single computer.

The post-production was done in Adobe After Effects and lots of other plugins to enhance the final look-n-feel.

The project went very well and the client liked the final video. Done!

Now it’s your turn to wear your VR glasses and let’s log in to Dubai Metaverse and experience a new virtual world within.

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