NCM Wetex 2021 3D Animation

Dubai life is becoming back to normal and events are taking place again. Wetex 2021 is one of them going to be located in Expo 2020 this year. It means content creators will be busy again especially those who make content for big screens and digital signage in Dubai.

Being a 3D content creator and animator in Dubai, this animated video has been done for the big screen installed at NCM stand at Wetex 2021. The objective was to show UAE’s National Center of Meteorology cloud seeding process and operations in a more artistic way rather than its conventional style.

An aircraft plays a very important role in cloud seeding operations so the whole video script revolved around the same.

Once the script got approved, I quickly did the storyboard and some style frames for the client’s approval and start working on the final 3D animation video.

The idea was then executed using Cinema 4D, Redshift 3D Render, and Adobe After Effects.

Watch the full animation video below which got played at Wetex 2021 Dubai.

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