Peugeot Launch Event

This Peugeot car launch event was held in Dubai. I got the opportunity to work on the main event film which was around 2 minutes long. They already had the video which needs to be re-adjusted according to the event screen size. Moreover they wanted to add more drama to the film by creating additional animations related to the event’s theme Tube Lights.

Tube lights were the main theme of the video and the event. They had a big dynamic mesh of tube lights which changes form from time to time.

Due to a very tight deadline (2 days only), I didn’t have time to animate and render the 3D animations using either 3dsmax or Cinema 4d. So I decided to use everything in After Effects using Video Copilot’s Element 3D. The tube light was the only prop which was modeled in 3ds max and brought into After Effects. 

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