Dubai City Walk Execution: Samsung

Dubai City Walk is an amazing destination introduced and launched by Meraas. Video and animation content running on City Walk gigantic digital signage screens attract hundreds and thousands of tourists daily. That’s one reason all big brands want to be on those screens and Samsung was not an acception when I got hired by Cheil, a digital agency in Dubai Media City, to resize and assemble the content for City Walk screens.

The City Walk technical team provided us with the exact screen sizes to be created in After Effects along with some additional post-production.

It was a real challenging project but turned out very nicely.

Interesting fact: The client wanted the big whale to swim through all the screens from right to left in a seamless manner. The purpose was to show that all the screens are connected and the Samsung’s big whale is swimming through them.

As the only content creator and directing the whole job all alone, I turned to City Walk signage technical team to ask if this has been done before so I can know the process but the answer was a Big NO!!!. So to solve the problem, I myself calculated the whole animation time and then retime all the screen’s content along with creating loops for the rest of the time successfully making the big fish moves from screen to screen.

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