Sharjah Futsal Event

Sharjah Futsal is a long-awaited sports event held in Sharjah every year. It is focused on youth playing Futsal (indoor football/soccer). This year they had a grand opening ceremony and I was given the responsibility to create the main opening video which should be a 3D animation of duration around 3 minutes.

Later on, they asked me to create animations for the rest of their event also which were about 6 segments so basically I did all the content creation for this event. I hired another animator to help me out on the rest of the animations.

The screen was a very well-thought and dynamic round-shaped gigantic structure hanging from the roof. Four projectors were being used to cover the whole screen resulting in a 6K canvas. All animations were being rendered for the same resolution.

I developed my own software pipeline and techniques for this event, as rendering 6K resolution 3D animations was not an easy task. 3 minutes of opening video means 4500 frames to be rendered at 6K resolution and then I have other content also which needs to be rendered at the same resolution.

Anyway, all the content went very well and there was huge applause on the event day. Project Done!


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