Hello, folks! I am a Dubai-based 3D/FX and motion graphics artist and let me talk a little about this Unreal Engine project, and provide a brief elaboration on how it all went down.

This time, I tried to leave my comfort zone to do something experimental using Unreal Engine, and what could be better than doing a real-time 3D short film.


How to create a short film in Unreal Engine?

In the beginning, I was looking for some sort of collaboration with other Unreal Engine experts in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but couldn’t find one. The reason is collaborative learning and exchanging ideas with other fellows.

Anyway, even before diving into the software, I thought of a small 3D animation action sequence, not more than 30 to 40 seconds. The look and feel should be like a game cinematic or a promotional video for a game.


The very first step is the staging of your 3D characters and applying animations. Make them interact with the environment or with the other characters according to your storyline. Try interesting moves to make your viewers indulge in your video.


The Sequencer in Unreal Engine

Then comes The Sequencer in Unreal Engine which is the key to virtual production and creating short films.

One has to just animate the assets in a master sequence and then use various cameras to tell the story, all in real-time.


Try to create drama using different camera angles. Don’t always stick to one front camera which might make your film looks boring and viewers will lose interest very fast.

Realtime Rendering using Unreal Engine

Once you are all done with your staging, animation, and camera angles, you need to render your masterpiece to show it to the world. But wait! it’s not the conventional rendering we do in other 3D softwares. The rendering will be lightning-fast and you will get the final result in almost no time.

The final video will be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

In short, Unreal Engine is a really awesome tool to produce real-time 3D short films in almost no time. Literally, no rendering involved like other 3D softwares!

Unreal Engine Training in Dubai

Are you looking for Unreal Engine training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? I will be more than happy to attend, teach and collaborate on any related seminars, events, or educational classes.



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